American Seal & Engineering provides reliable products that enable the environmental and biological control systems used in space to operate at peak performance. The continuing effort to reach great distances and planets in space requires a commitment to provide those who take flight with the most reliable space vessels.

Types of AmeriSeal™ Metal Seals Used by the Aerospace Industry:

Impeccable quality control, short lead times and competitive pricing make Ameri-Seal an industry leader.

Space Applications


  • Kerosene System

  • Controls/Valves/Fittings

  • Turbo Pumps

  • Valves, Fittings

  • Hydrogen Valves and Fittings

Rocket Engine:

  • Oxygen Piping Fittings

  • Hydrogen Valve and Fittings

  • Kerosene Fuel Systems

Main Combustion Chamber Cover:

  • Nozzle

  • Cooling/Preheating System

  • Vehicle/Habitation Module

  • Valves, ECS Fittings

  • Oxygen Piping Fittings

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