Semi-Conductor, Vacuum, and Laser

Semi-Conductor, Vacuum, and Laser industries have become an integral part of modern society especially in consideration of computer and video equipment or entertainment. Computers provide the power behind devices like high-tech surgical tools.

American Seal & Engineering provides the metal sealing technology for the sophisticated laser equipment responsible for the gains in the processor industry.

OEM chip makers require the latest technology to maintain a competitive advantage in their market. Computer-chip process equipment, infrared night-vision systems, and fuel cells often need uniquely shaped seals that require the special expertise that American Seal & Engineering has to offer. It is the depth of this experience that has earned us an excellent reputation in this industry and continues to grow along with us.

Types of AmeriSeal™ Metal Seals Used by the Semi-Conductors, Vacuum & Laser Industry:

Impeccable quality control, short lead times and competitive pricing make Ameri-Seal an industry leader.

Semi-Conductor & Vacuum Applications


  • Laser Range Finder

Process Equipment:

  • Transfer Suction Pads

  • Vacuum Casting Machines

  • Vacuum Coolers


  • Experimental Equipment Joint Sealing

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