American Seal & Engineering ensures reliability to our customers and provides the highest customer satisfaction. Reliability is the most important and critical component of any sealing system.

What American Seal & Engineering offers our customers and partners:

  • Close to fifty years of design expertise

  • Extensive application engineering experience

  • Short lead times for development hardware

  • Short lead times for production tooling and hardware

  • In-house testing and qualification services

American Seal & Engineering is the best choice to be your sealing solutions provider because we provide:

  • The best technical support services in the metal seal industry

  • The most responsive technical service to support product integration and program maintenance

  • Short lead time schedules tailored to our customers’ needs

  • Long-term, multi-year agreements that are among the most creative and effective in the industry

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The Reliable Brand In Sealing Technology

Since 1971, we have earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and integrity that enables us to provide the most innovative sealing technology in the industry.