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About the Company

American Seal & Engineering Co., Inc. is a global organization focused on Energy, Automotive, Oil and Gas, and Aerospace market segments.  Our manufacturing facilities in Orange, CT, USA and Taipei, Taiwan, supported by our technical sales and service offices in Columbia, SC, Gent, Belgium, and Linz, Austria, provide the crucial global continuity and communication to connect five continents allowing for strategic access to our technical service for our customer base.

Our experienced technical sales team, international partners, and representative network are trained to provide global support for product design, development, and delivery to meet with customer demands. Our company’s core competence includes the use of multinational and multilingual sales and engineering teams that are familiar with international standards, proposal requirements, and multi-currency procurement procedures. This vast structure allows us to establish production programs that meet with our customers' specifications and provide them with a competitive edge to excel in their perspective markets.

American Seal & Engineering provides technology driven solutions that position us as a global leader and reinforce why AmeriSeal™ products are the reliable brand in the metal sealing industry. Our commitment to remain a leader in our industry and further our penetration of the global market is supported by continuously seeking out technological advances and providing exceptional technical and customer support and service.



American Seal & Engineering was established in 1971 by a group of technical professionals for the purpose of manufacturing metallic O-ring seals for the Aerospace & Defense industry and the Chemical industry. The current management group assumed controlling interest of the twenty year old metal seal manufacturing company in April 1991 and promptly designated engineering, technology improvement, and market diversification as the top priority.  Significant investments were made in engineering and manufacturing technology to enhance the company’s capabilities and capacity. By 1994, American Seal & Engineering had strengthened its reputation for manufacturing excellence and introduced two new products to its portfolio. Our new state of the art manufacturing facility and world headquarters in Orange, Connecticut, laid the foundation for product advancement with strong emphasis on research and development. Technology growth provided the vehicle for the introduction of six patented metal sealing products and systems prompting several large scale contracts with industry leading OEMs. The company has grown from six employees in 1971 to more than 100 employees in three continents: Europe, Asia, and North America.  American Seal & Engineering is one of the last remaining independent resilient metal seal manufacturers in the world with sales in excess of $25 million. Our company currently offers complete engineering services ranging from full application review, system design, turnkey development, testing, and production hardware. Currently, American Seal & Engineering is a globally recognized solutions integrator and provider of a niche product.

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The Reliable Brand In Sealing Technology

Since 1971, we have earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and integrity that enables us to provide the most innovative sealing technology in the industry.