Nuclear Energy

The Nuclear Energy industry is expected to gain further acceptance throughout the world due to the high cost and decreasing supply of fossil fuels. Therefore, concerns over radioactive leaks are extremely significant.

American Seal & Engineering provides the reliability that helps prevent such leaks, keeping our communities and our nuclear-powered ships safe.

The Nuclear Energy industry has requirements that range from valves, fittings, and piping to large enclosure vessels. We work closely with our nuclear customers to develop metal seals and sealing systems ranging in size from .500” inch to 250.00” inches in diameter and a variety of shapes unique to each application.

Types of AmeriSeal™ Metal Seals Used by the Nuclear Energy Industry:

Nuclear Energy Applications

Processing and Research:

  • Pipe Joints

  • Connectors

  • Accelerator Ring Joints

  • Pressure Vessel head gaskets

  • Thermocouple Fittings

Valves and Pumps:

  • Valve/Pipe Joints

  • Connectors

  • Casing Joints, Body Joints

  • Stem Sealing

  • Fittings

Waste Containment Systems:

  • Piping Joints/Fittings

  • Transport Container Lid

  • Storage Container Cover

  • Gas/Evacuation Port

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