Each industry we support has unique requirements for design envelopes and tolerances. Our AmeriSeal™ products are vital to each industry's unique and specific requirements. We provide nothing less than our best quality and reliable products to our customers.

American Seal & Engineering's products are used in the following seven industries:

American Seal & Engineering provides the energy industry with the reliability needed in drilling equipment to tap new oil and gas sources.

American Seal & Engineering designs and manufactures metal seals and sealing systems for high-tech automotive and diesel markets.

The Aerospace industry demands exacting tolerances, high temperature, and fatigue resistance in the engine and airframe sections.

The Nuclear Energy industry is expected to gain further acceptance throughout the world due to the high cost and decreasing supply of fossil fuels.

American Seal & Engineering provides reliable products that enable the environmental and biological control systems used in space to operate at peak performance.

Semi-Conductor and Vacuum industries have become an integral part of modern society especially in consideration of computer and video equipment or entertainment.

AmeriSeal™ products are used on expensive pressure vessels, pumps, and valves in the petrochemical, chemical, and plastics industry.

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