American Seal & Engineering provides the energy industry with the reliability needed in drilling equipment to tap new oil and gas sources. 

Our products installed in this equipment withstand the environmental conditions experienced in the depths of the world’s oceans.

As such an important industry to our world today with increasing dependencies on energy and fuel, the reliability and efficiency of equipment used on a day to day basis is just as vital. This is why American Seal & Engineering provides the best possible products for our customers. The expertise of our own engineering, design, and manufacturing departments work vigorously to create the most reliable products in the sealing industry to continue the growth in the technological world

Types of AmeriSeal™ Metal Seals Used by the Energy Industry:

Impeccable quality control, short lead times and competitive pricing make Ameri-Seal an industry leader.

Energy Applications

Power Generation:

  • Pressure vessel cover sealing

  • Pressure vessel connection joint sealing

  • Turbine multi stage seals

  • Turbine blade lock seals

  • Turbine environmental & biological control seals

  • Valves, pumps, and couplings

Land-based and Off Shore oil exploration:

  • Drill rig seals

  • Drill pipe and collar assemblies

  • Centrifuge spin assembly seals

  • Threaded and Thread less Connector assemblies

  • High pressure quick disconnect couplings

  • Telescoping joint assemblies

  • Directional drill positioning devices

  • Sea-floor Christmas tree assemblies

  • Injection well assemblies

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