Metal Seals, High Performance Seals, E-Seals
Metal Seals, High Performance Seals, E-Seals

AmeriSeal™ E-Ring Seals (E cross-section seals, convolution seals) are engineered to operate in applications that require light loading, flexibility, and high temperature capability. E-Rings operate primarily within the elastic limits of the material. The superior flexibility or spring back characteristics are important when used in cavities that experience large amounts of separation during normal operation. Applications include gas turbines engine housings, hot air ducting, exhaust manifold couplings, and ball valve seat seals. This type of metallic seal exhibits very good fatigue resistance. AS1895 E-seals are available, please consult our Sales Department.

E-Rings have excellent load deflection relationships. The compression load requirements are very low with higher spring back compared to other metallic seal types. The load requirements will increase proportionally to system pressure, extending the spring back capability in extreme conditions.


AmeriSeal™ E-Seals Material Types:

Inconel X750: Service temperature up to 1350°F (≈730°C)

Inconel 718: Service temperature up to 1475°F (≈800°C)

Waspaloy: Service temperature 1700°F (≈925°C)


Plating and Coatings:

In static applications, plating and coatings offer only minor sealing enhancement due to the low force and resultant low sealing stress. In higher pressure applications, the stress can increase to allow the plating to smear into the cavity imperfections. In dynamic applications where the seal is subjected to fluctuating loads and cavity changes, the plating will work in between the seal and cavity improving sealing and also lubricating the two components. AmeriSeal™ NiCrC coating can be applied to the seal surfaces to protect the seal from wear and fretting. Please consult us for assistance with plating and coating selection for your specific applications.

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