The Aerospace industry demands exacting tolerances, high temperature, and fatigue resistance in the engine and airframe sections.

The AmeriSeal™ product line is uniquely designed to withstand these demands as well as chemical assault.

The precision of our products helps our Aerospace customers achieve their goals of reducing fuel burn, noise, emissions, and maintenance costs while still maintaining high safety.

Diversified Applications:

American Seal & Engineering has metal sealing products installed in commercial, military, business, and general aviation engines and airframes manufactured by major OEMs.

Types of AmeriSeal™ Metal Seals Used by the Aerospace Industry:

Impeccable quality control, short lead times and competitive pricing make Ameri-Seal an industry leader.

Aerospace Applications


  • Fail-Safe Forward Engine Mounting/Air Intake Joints

  • Generator Mounting Joints

  • Fuel Pump Mounting Joints

  • Fuel System Piping Joints


  • Heat Exchanger/Precooler Joints

  • Air Conditioning Pack Joints

  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Ducting System Joints

  • Air Start System Ducting Joints

  • Empennage Thermal De-Icing Ducting Joints

  • Wing Anti-Ice System Joints

  • Nacelle to Fuselage Ducting Joints

  • Fuselage Ducting Joints

Engine (Including EBU)

  • Exhaust Nozzle Joints

  • Thermocouple Fittings

  • Air and Fuel Connectors

  • Fuel Nozzles and Injectors

  • Nacelle Anti-Ice System Joints

  • Stall Recovery System Joints

  • Temperature Control Valve and Mixing Valve Joints

  • Shut-Off Valve Joints

  • Case Joint Seals

  • Manifold Joint Seals

  • Compressor-Bled Air Ducting System Joints

  • Valve-Engine Case Joints

  • Internal Turbine Nozzle Seals and Outer Air Seals

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